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  • Plastpol, s.r.o.

    Plastpol, s.r.o.

    Manufacturing and machining of parts and components from non-metallic materials

    • Nová Ves u Nového Města na Moravě 182, Nové Město na Moravě
  • RANDA +, s.r.o.

    RANDA +, s.r.o.

    Polycarbonate sheet

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    • RAVAFOL s.r.o.

      RAVAFOL s.r.o.

      Exclusive distributor of windows plastic films CLASSIS and SPECTRUM USA in Slovakia. Outdoor adverts and limelights production.

    • Remapol s.r.o.

      Remapol s.r.o.

      Producer and seller of packing and insulating material, rubber and MPVC, constructional plastics, enginnering and heavy-duty plastics.

    • Slavík - technické plasty s.r.o.

      Slavík - technické plasty s.r.o.

      CNC machining of plastics - prototypes, single and series production. Bending and welding of plastics. Sales of semi-finished - plates, rods, tubes...

    • SPUR a.s.

      SPUR a.s.

      Manufactures specialized plastic products, piping systems, cable ducts, insulating materials of polyethylene foam, packaging materials, bubble wrap,...

    • TechPlasty s.r.o.

      TechPlasty s.r.o.

      TechPlasty Ltd. - semi-finished technical plastics, manufacture and sale of machine parts catalog, custom manufacturing of machine components, parts...

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      • TERCOPLAST, s.r.o.

        TERCOPLAST, s.r.o.

        It provides inter Lexan plates for construction and technical modifications Lexan plates, sheets and other plastics for use in engineering, in the...

      • TITAN - Multiplast s.r.o.

        TITAN - Multiplast s.r.o.

        We offer wide range of plastic boards, rods, sheets, profiles and accessories including services like professional consultancy, plastic precision...

      • TITAN -Tatraplast s.r.o.

        TITAN -Tatraplast s.r.o.

        Sales of polycarbonate and polypropylene barrel full of polycarbonate, Plexiglas, PE, PVC, PA, PVDF. Plastic welding machines and Wegener. Welding...

      • TOMIRTECH, s.r.o.

        TOMIRTECH, s.r.o.

        Distribution of technical products,components for machinery, engineering plastics, hoses, seals

      • TRJ s.r.o.

        TRJ s.r.o.

        Polycarbonates, fiberglass roofing

        • Zlatovská 2205, Trenčín (oproti VOD-EKO)
      • UHAL trade s.r.o.

        UHAL trade s.r.o.

        We are distributors of lasers EPILOGUE, SEI, RMI, DATALOGIC as well as other equipment for industry and advertising production.

      • ULTRAPOLYMERS s.r.o.

        ULTRAPOLYMERS s.r.o.

        ULTRAPOLYMERS Slovakia has already proved to be an important player in the polymers distribution market (especially PE, PP, PA, PS, ABS, POM, PMMA).

      • VACULA s.r.o.

        VACULA s.r.o.

        Engineering plastics for injection molding and extrusion.

      • vamexplus


        Polycarbonate shelter, manufacture, assembly

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        • Zenit SK, s.r.o.

          Zenit SK, s.r.o.

          Distribution of polyvarbonate sheets and acrylic sheets. Bending and polishing  tools.

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