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Azurr-Technology, Ltd. - Invitation to Interplastica in Moscow in 2018

19.01.2018 | Azurr-Technology, s.r.o. invites you to the Interplastics 2018 Fair, where he will introduce a wide range Dynisco.

Possibilities of obtaining a grant in the Slovak Republic

17.01.2018 | Newsletter - January 2018.

COBA received supplier award for the second time

15.01.2018 | COBA was recently invited to a meeting of AGC - AGC Automotive Supplier Day suppliers in Belgium.

NEWMATEC 2018 in just two months in Tale

12.01.2018 | Automotive Industry Association of the Slovak Republic invites you to the 4rd Annual Conference NEWMATEC.

Conference Molds and Plastics 2018

10.01.2018 | Company JAN SVOBODA s.r.o. invites you to the 9 edition of the traditional conference Plastics and Molds 2018 which takes place in a pleasant atmosphere at Maximus Resort (Hrázní 327 / 4a, 635 00 Brno).

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Current in legislation
Harmonized standards in October 2017

18.12.2017 | In the Official Journal of the EU were to October 2017 published the following titles and references of harmonized standards:

Of Act no. 79/2015 Z.z. about waste - an amendment

11.12.2017 | Amendment no. 292/2017 of Act No. 79/2015 Coll. on waste takes effect from 1.1.2018 until 31.12.2022.

Content of PAH in articles and toys

03.07.2017 | The ECHA website is a new call for submission of comments and evidence on the PAH content listed in REACH item 50 of Annex XVII on articles and toys.

The new amendment to Regulation No. 10/2011 (PIM regulation) on plastic materials and articles intended to come into contact with food

31.05.2017 | Commission Regulation No. (EU) 2017/752 amends and corrects the PIM regulation on plastic materials and articles intended to come into contact with fo ...

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Plasty Gabriel s.r.o.

Injection molding, consulting and analysis. Software for analysis and optimization of plastic injection.

Plasty Gabriel s.r.o.
Mezihoří 262
66434 Moravské Knínice
telephone: +420 541 264 747
registration details
Identification Number IČO: 25326724
Tax Identification Number DIČ: CZ 25326724
VAT Identification Number IČ DPH:
Contact person
Ing. Jiří Gabriel, Jednatel, +420 777 945 164,
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Plasty Gabriel s.r.o.
Plasty Gabriel s.r.o.
Plasty Gabriel s.r.o.
Plasty Gabriel s.r.o.
Published articles
Plasty Gabriel: Development of the injection mold from a simulation analysis CADmould a VARIMOS

15.01.2018 | During the design and manufacture of the P 10 C injection mold have been used several times simulations CADmould and VARIMOS. In this article you will be familiar with the benefits of the calculations and the problems they...

Cadmould® has made simulations simple and available

09.08.2017 | Many companies, especially those that do not use simulation software, often avoid introducing computer-aided product development. The most frequent reason for this is the high and immediate cost of purchasing the simulation software. For this reason, SIMCON has decided to offer a unique solution -...

Use of simulation analysis to optimize plastics containing natural fibers

24.04.2017 | The European industrial production is starting to promote the trend directed to the use of renewable materials to which oi. They include natural fibers. Developers of new products meet the requirements for applications using plastic materials reinforced with natural fibers such as sisal, hemp, flax...

Design of the hot nozzle and the transfer of heat from the hot nozzle to the steel mold

09.06.2016 | Injection mold can be evaluated and assessed in many ways, from many...

VARIMOS ® - The virtual and the real optimization of injection molding process

12.12.2013 | VARIMOS® represents a major shift in the management and optimization of the injection molding process. It is the only system that can optimize injection and at the same time manage and control the production of injection. This information paper will focus primarily on the virtual portion of...

Conformal cooling simulation and analysis Cadmould ® 3D-F

09.10.2013 | Conformal cooling shortens injection cycle up to 50%. Simulation software Cadmould ® 3D-F offers Plasty Gabriel...

Seminar gating systems of injection molds

30.05.2013 | On 15 May 2013 was held in the training center MCAE Systems Seminar dealing with gating system of injection molds. The chosen theme had great interest, because shortly after the announcement that the workshop will be organized, the capacity of the training room (about 60 seats) was fully...

Curing molds under scrutiny Plzen´s seminars

06.05.2013 | Companies Plastics and Gabriel Innomia held in mid-April in Plzen Hotel Primavera-day seminar on tempering them Injection molds and plastic parts defects. Interesting seminar program caused that conference hall of the hotel was completely...

New software update for the analysis of injection molding Cadmould ® 3D-F: even faster, even easier to work with design

06.02.2013 | Cadmould ® 3D-F is a simulation software for analysis of plastic injection molding, whose calculations are based on special, to describe the behavior of macromolecular substances developed and subsequently patented 3D...

Software for the analysis of injection molding

26.10.2011 | Cadmould ® 3D-F is a simulation software to analyze injection molding, whose calculations are based on a proprietary 3D model that was developed by German company Simcon GmbH. The genesis of the software involved (and to continue to cooperate in its development), Technical University of Aachen...

Orientation CADMOULD ® EXPRESS from Gabriel Plastics Ltd.

25.05.2011 | Orientation CADMOULD ® EXPRESS calculated orientation of fibers in the plastic part and place it into the software Ansys ® and Abaqus ®. CADMOULD Orientation EXPRESS ® is a software bundle of two modules: CADMOULD ® Converse ® CADMOULD and to calculate the fiber...

Cadmould ® 3D-F 2K & insert - simulation of the injection process

28.02.2011 | Results of a new software development CADMOULD ®, made under the EU project "PRO4PLAST", was released in 2010 for all those interested in the analysis of injection molding, who often design and construct a plastic molded parts and injection mold process...

Analysis of injection plastic parts with metal inserts and analysis of two chamber injection

21.10.2010 | Simulation analysis focused on injection molding helps to improve the quality of plastic products and manufacturing tools. Simulations also means shortening the preparation of new products to market and thus the final reduction of financial costs associated with new projects. Simulation programs...

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Saudi Plastics and Petrochem 2018

21.01.2018 | International Trade Exhibition for plastics and petrochemicals.

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