ISPE, s.r.o.

Skladová 3, 917 01 Trnava    Show on Map

telephone:+421 908 933 277

NIP: 45304611

Company Description

Company ISPE, s.r.o. offers you product design, its developement including prototypes, tooling and processing fixtures and complete production process preparation and also very production.

Project is realized in 3 stages:
1. design (our designers make visual identity of your product portfolio, which is implemented into its individual products. Plastic and metal components are designed in 3D solid models. Based on them are made next stages of prototyping and tooling)
2. prototyping (our engineers make from 3D models real prototype parts and after function approval are made steel moulds or tools for serial production by our partner tool-shops in Asia and Europe)
3. tooling (our process engineers provide serial production for plastic, metal and electronical components, including assembly and additional technologies (e.g. tampopring, etc.) in special selected companies in partnership)
4. production techlologies (our engineers complement the basic manufacturing processes (injection molding, metal stamping, printing, etc.) of other special technologies, which require a the design itself)

Concerning to production technologies the batch size is not an important point. We are able to provide components from very small series (piece production) up to several 100-thousand series annually as well.

Our offer consists not only of a complex project realization, but also its individual stages. When your company is able to provide tool making and part production, we are available to design proposal and 3D models creation including prototypes, eventually in another variations of individual project stages.

All the project stages are realized in high quality at observace as low costs as possible. Our goal is to build up successful co-operation with result not only cost saving on customer side, but also enhancement its competitiveness on the market.

Assortment / Services

Co-operation offer to project stages:
•    Product design / part design
•    Rapid prototyping
•    Injection moulds
•    Stamping tools
•    Processing fixtures
•    Plastic parts production
•    Metal parts production
•    Painting
•    Assembly

Engineering service:
•    Project management (from project start-up up to beginning of serial production)
•    Injection mould acceptance from mould-maker
•    Stamping tools acceptance from tool-maker
•    Training of employees for injection moulding process
•    Technical consulting for plastic injection moulding, metal stamping and painting processes
•    Process audit, process improvement


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