Ing. Pavol Baláž - REMKOSTAV

Garbiarska 49/50, 92601 Sereď    Show on Map

telephone:031 7896676

NIP: 34457968
VAT: SK1020272176

other addresses:
prevádzka    Show on Map
Vonkajší rad 789
Sereď 92601
telephone: 031 7896676
fax: 031 7896676

Company Description

REMKOSTAV is a company engaged in the sale of plastic plates, rods, profiles, welding rods, and also manufacture of products from plastic.

Sales of plastic sheets, PVC, PC, PP and PE. Manufacture of plastic housings, plastic fences and railings, construction elements Plastic covers on cabinets and gas meters to the facade to the exterior and interior (doors, cover)

- Plastic bending PVC, PC, HPS, ABS 3 meters in width

- Manufacture of insulation panels

- Plastic fences and railings

- Plastic building accessories from PVC, PC, PP, PE

Assortment / Services

- block - housing

- Window sills

- Covers and door distributors and gas meters

- Other products to order

- PVC fences and railings


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