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    Complete solution of injection moulds,  producer of components for hot runner systems, sales of micro injection machines and temparating equipement,...

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  • KUBOUŠEK s.r.o.

    KUBOUŠEK s.r.o.

    Sales and service of measuring instruments, injection molding machines, robots, tempering facilities, equipment, transport equipment and processing...

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    Mold-Masters is a manufacturer of hot runner temperature controllers.

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  • Synventive Molding Solutions s.r.o.

    Synventive Molding Solutions s.r.o.

    Synventive Molding Solutions is one of the world's leading manufacturers of hot sprues and components. It focuses on providing high quality products...

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  • ARTEM GROUP TRADE & CONSULT, o. z. Bratislava

    ARTEM GROUP TRADE & CONSULT, o. z. Bratislava

    Import and distribution of components, materials, technological equipment and accessories for plastics operations.

  • Comprex, s.r.o.

    Comprex, s.r.o.

    Distribution of industrial components and steel blasting material for engineering, metallurgy, plastics and automotive industries. Representation of...

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    • s.r.o. s.r.o.

      Hot runner systems, nozzle inlets, heaters controls, instrumentation and control, switches, temperature sensors

    • EICHLER COMPANY s.r.o.

      EICHLER COMPANY s.r.o.

      We supply standard parts for press tools, injection molds and other accessories.

    • European Industrial Supply Company s.r.o.

      European Industrial Supply Company s.r.o.

      Supply of Jon Wai injection moulding machines, Wetec robots, Arico hot runner controllers, Zeiger screws and barrels for injection molding machines...

    • fortell s.r.o.

      fortell s.r.o.

      Plastic moulding of plastic parts, stamping of metal, manufacturiong of injection moulds for plastic.



       HASCO - ideal partner for making molds and tools normalien and hot sprues.Put together your ideas, form and shape!  

    • Hotset ČR s.r.o.

      Hotset ČR s.r.o.

      Industrial heating - retailer of electrical heating elements and high infrared thermometers and cameras Optris and IR lens.

    • Hotset SK s.r.o.

      Hotset SK s.r.o.

      Industrial heating - retailer of electrical heating elements and high infrared thermometers Optris and IR lens.

    • HRSflow


      HRSflow, a division of hot runner INglass Spa, produces hot runner systems for plastic injection.

    • INCOE ® International Europe

      INCOE ® International Europe

      Hot runner technology to ensure long term reliability and stability of processes

    • JAN SVOBODA s.r.o.

      JAN SVOBODA s.r.o.

      Complet deliveries of semifinshed products and componets for injection moulds for plastics.

    • KNP, s.r.o.

      KNP, s.r.o.

      Supplier of standard parts for the manufacture of dies, injection molds and dies for die casting. Supplier of laser devices and applications.

    • TOPMACHINES CZ s.r.o.

      TOPMACHINES CZ s.r.o.

      New and used injection moulding machines, handling, extruders, schredders, grinders, dehumidifiers, splasticizing units,chillers...

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