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Highest precision - FRIMO supplies Scoring machine to Japan

  • 20.06.2017
  • Machinery & Equipment
Highest precision - FRIMO supplies Scoring machine to Japan

Last year, FRIMO supplied a scoring system to a Japanese customer: DJK Europe GmbH, a subsidiary of the Japanese commercial company Daiichi Jitsugyo Co. Ltd. As a complete service provider, FRIMO offers its customers robot-based systems with diverse application options for flexible trimming.

The product range in this field extends from milling and ultrasonic trimming to combined system solutions. FRIMO has become particularly successful in the scoring (airbag weakening) division. With almost 100 scoring systems supplied, FRIMO’s first scoring system in Japan has recently started operating.

FRIMO has been providing scoring systems for manufacturing invisible airbag score lines on instrument panels for 15 years. This process makes it possible to weaken any type of skin materials such as PVC, TPO, leather, or sprayed, cast and thermoplastic polyurethane. “One of the strengths of the scoring technology from FRIMO is the variability of the blades. This not only extends our product diversity, but also allows us to produce tailored solutions for customer requirements”, stated Christoph Sievert, Sales Engineer for the FlexTrim product line in Lotte.

 Scoring machine Japan
   fig.: Scoring machine Japan

FRIMO’s flexibility was put to the test again in the current project: at the request of DJK Europe GmbH, a scoring system was developed to be used primarily for testing purposes in leather processing. FRIMO thus supplied the first scoring system of this kind to Japan. Because of the special purpose of application, the scoring system, customized for the customer DJK, differs in a number of ways from the standard systems that are used for creating invisible airbag seams in instrument Panels. 

Because the system is not intended for cutting project-relevant skins in 3D, but rather leather or plastic skin grafts in 2D, the holder is not made from a 3D aluminum contour and hardened steel cut plate as standard, but instead a universal application 2D cutting plate, on which different cut geometries can be tested. The surface contains numerous millimeter-small vacuum holes all over, which ensure that the material is fixed completely over the entire surface. To process the leather, a round blade is used, which weakens the leather in a rotating process. Besides the round blade, FRIMO also offers an ultrasonic blade for testing purposes, which can be exchanged on the system automatically and in a short amount of time. During the scoring process, the ultrasonic blade vibrates to weaken the material precisely, silently and neatly. The ultrasonic vibration also extends the blade’s service life. “With the scoring system for DJK, several tools were installed in one system, which guarantee versatile applications and the highest degree of flexibility during tests”, concludes Christian Driskes who is responsible for the FRIMO FlexTrim product line.

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